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Personalized Away Messages for AIM, AOL, IM...

Away Message Page List and Descriptions

Bowling ( - Picture of bowling pins with the text, "Name is Bowling."

Tennis ( - Picture of a tennis ball with the text, "Name is Playing Tennis."

Fortune ( - Picture of a fortune cookie with the text, "Name will be right back. Your lucky numbers are: 2, 6, 12, 19, 31, 34, and 46 ."

Love ( - Picture of a heart with the text, "I Love You, - Name"

Music ( - Picture of headphones with the text, "Name is Listening to Music."

Movie ( - Picture of a roll of movie film with the text, "Name is Watching a Movie."

BRB ( - Picture of a Post-It note with the text, "BRB - Name"

Brushing Teeth ( - Picture of a toothbrush with the text, "Name is Brushing His Teeth."

Brushing Teeth 2 ( - Picture of a toothbrush with the text, "Name is Brushing Her Teeth."

Partying ( - Picture of a party with the text, "Name is Partying!"

Hand ( - Picture of a hand with the text, "Name is away so... Talk to the hand!"

Leave ( - Picture of a tough guy with the text, "Leave Name alone!"

Smile ( - Graphic of a smiley face with the text, "Smile! Because Name loves you!"

Sun ( - Picture of the sun with the text, "Name is having fun in the sun."

Pony ( - Picture of a mechanical horse with the text, "Name is in front of Wal-Mart; riding the mechanical pony."

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