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Aim Away Messages

Personalized Away Messages for AIM, AOL, IM...

Away Message Page List and Descriptions

The name Joe Smith is used only as a default name, you can customize the following pages by using the "Personalize this page" section on the bottom of each page.

Main Page ( - Page is setup with a newspaper article layout and contains a short story about the user being away.

Sleeping ( - Users name is on a graphic of a sleeping, do not disturb sign.

Homework ( - Picture of homework and text, "Name is doing homework."

Eating ( - Picture of a baby eating and text, "Name is Eating."

Fries ( - Picture of french fries and text, "Sorry, we're fresh out of Name How about fries instead?"

Throne ( - Picture of a toilet and text, "Name is on The Throne."

School ( - Picture of a student in a classroom and the text, "Name of school puts the k in Edukation!"

TV ( - Graphic of a TV and text, "Name is watching TV."

Show ( - Graphic of a TV and text, "The Name Show will be right back after these messages!"

Class ( - Graphic of a student sleeping and text, "Name is in Class"

Surfing the Web ( - Picture of a surfer and text, "Name is Surfing the Web"

Phone ( - Graphic of a phone and text, "Name is on the Phone"

Laundry ( - Picture of washing machines and text, "Name is Doing Laundry"

Fridge ( - Graphic of a fridge and text, "Name's computer is broken right now. This is Name's fridge. Now, you can leave a message, but say it slowly, so I can write it on a post-it note and stick it to myself."

Shopping ( - Picture of a mall scene and text, "Name is Shopping"

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