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Aim Away Messages

Personalized Away Messages for AIM, AOL, IM...

Setup Help

Setting up a personalized away message page is fairly simple at

You can personalize pages by using the urls: or

For example, if your name was Joe Smith, your personalized page would be: (Click on the link at the bottom of the above page to set it as your aim away message.)

The setup the same for the other pages on this site except your would add /pagename/ at the end of the url, for example a persoanlized eating page for Joe Smith would be

There is also a quick setup option on the bottom of every page that you can customize.

Note: The first letter in each part of the name is automatically capitalized while the rest of the letters automatically turn into lower case. A period automatically creates a space, there is no limit to the number of names you put before

Can't get your page to work?

  • Make sure there is a / at the end of the address.
  • Make sure the address is in all lower case.
  • Double check the address and make sure you typed everything right.

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